Successful Consulting

Our “niche” in the market is in performing a valuable consulting function for our dealers. A good consultant should have some experience and expertise to go with their advice!

Last year Doors & Drawers sold and installed over 120 kitchens. We are well aware of the kind of quality and service it takes to satisfy a residential customer… we do it several times a week! Along with this we supply products and services for our dealer network.

We assist our dealers in the following areas:

  • Marketing – Lead Generation
  • Sales Presentations and Closing
  • Specification and Purchasing
  • Installation Methods
  • Office Procedures – Order Tracking
  • Accounting Systems
  • General Business Planning

We customize and tailor our services and training to fit each individual dealer’s needs. Do you already have some of the neccessary expertise to be a successful Doors & Drawers seller, specifier, and installer? Then use our Inquiry Form to tell us more about your own business, and let’s see if we can work together.