Who We Are!

Doors & Drawers manufacturers “what ever it takes” to reface a kitchen since 1978! Although this is a fairly broad statement it confirms the fact that we are a custom manufacturer of not only cabinet doors and drawer fronts but also all the related parts such as end panels, veneers, nic/nac shelves, valances, trims, and custom cabinets that might be required in a refacing project.

Our Network of Dealers

Doors & Drawers works with cabinet-makers throughout the Midwest to provide local experts who are ready to help with your cabinet redesign and refacing project. They will guide your selection of woods, door styles, and stain colors. They will make all the necessary measurements on site and will receive, deliver, and install all the custom refacing components made just for your cabinets. We are always willing to share our knowledge of the refacing business with our dealer network; this allows us to help prevent new dealers from making some of the same mistakes we made when we were a young company!

Mark Botts Founder and CEO of Doors & Drawers Inc

Mark Botts Founder
CEO of Doors & Drawers Inc

Choosing to Reface Instead of Replace

Refacing your existing cabinets makes so much sense. The cost of completely replacing kitchen cabinets can easily exceed $20,000 for a modest-sized kitchen. Then there are hidden costs involved: delivery charges and sales taxes on the new cabinets, and the labor and carting costs associated with removing and discarding the old cabinets. The installation of all-new cabinets can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars more. And there is also the cost of patching or painting or retiling areas where the new cabinets fail to line up with existing tile lines on walls and floors.

By contrast, keeping and refacing your existing cabinets instead of completely replacing them can accomplish the same goal — a fabulous new look for your kitchen or bath — at tremendous savings and without all the hassle. Doors and Drawers quality workmanship and expert assistance every step of the way will make your refacing project a total success!